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Radon Risks in Colorado


Radon Myths – Debunked

Myths Debunked

  1. Radon is only a problem in homes with basements.
    • FALSE - Radon is found in all home styles (basements, crawlspaces, walkouts, slab on grade, or combination).


  2. Only certain areas of the country have high radon levels.
    • FALSE - Elevated radon levels have been found in all 50 states, and Colorado has the 7th highest in the country.


  3. The house next door tested low for radon, so my house shouldn't have a problem either.
    • FALSE - The unique geology beneath every home and the individual finish characteristics contribute to high radon variability.


  4. Radon levels change so much that tests don't mean anything.
    • FALSE - While there are diurnal and seasonal changes in radon levels, testing according to established EPA protocols is 94% accurate.


  5. Opening a window will lower radon levels in your home.
    • FALSE - Opening windows on upper floors of a home can actually increase the "stack effect" and raise radon levels within the home.


  6. It is too expensive to fix a radon problem.
    • FALSE - Radon mitigation systems are actually among the most affordable home improvement projects and far less expensive than medical interventions.


  7. No one really knows if radon causes lung cancer.
    • FALSE - Radon is classified by the World Health Organization, the National Toxicology Program, and the EPA as a known human carcinogen.  The delicate tissues within the lung are particularly vulnerable bombardment by the particulate alpha radiation that enters the lungs by inhaling radon and its decay products.


  8. All radon repair contractors are exactly alike, so picking the cheapest is alright.
    • FALSE - Like anything else, you typically get the quality and workmanship that you pay for.  Certified radon contractors including Manus Mitigation, Inc. PBC are highly trained and experienced, we comply with established standards and building codes, we offer guaranteed radon reduction, we carry appropriate levels of worker's compensation and professional liability insurance to protect our customers and our employees.

Learn More About Radon, Testing Procedures, and Mitigation Systems

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CDPHE Radon Awareness PSA Featuring Johanna Carpine’s Story

Why Choose Us?


We are passionate about preventing lung cancer by minimizing your exposure to harmful indoor environmental contaminants that are present in nearly every structure.  Our technical expertise, mechanical skills, and engineering experience are second to none.  Beyond that, it is our overriding concern for your health that motivates us to properly mitigate pollutants in your home and thereby minimize your family's health risks to give you peace of mind.


We recognize the significant investments you have made into your property and we keep that in focus during the design and construction of any mitigation system.  We comply with all applicable EPA and AARST/ANSI mitigation standards while maintaining the curb-appeal of your home by concealing system installations as much as possible.  We also subcontract with a trusted licensed electrician to pull required permits, connect exhaust fan power, and coordinate required electrical inspections to ensure your safety.


We strive to complete all scheduled projects within the timeline established with our clients, adhere to the original agreed upon price with no surprises, guarantee system performance, and stand by our systems long into the future.  We use the best technology and tools to ensure that all jobs exceed the standards and meet your expectations for quality and performance.


Who We Are?

100_0432-squareManus Mitigation, Inc. PBC is a veteran-owned Colorado Public Benefit Corporation founded in 2015.  As a Colorado Public Benefit Corporation, Manus Mitigation, Inc. PBC seeks to provide educational, environmental, public health, scientific, technological, and charitable benefits to our community in the course of doing business.

Manus Mitigation, Inc PBC is driven by the altruistic mission of increasing awareness of the hazards of radon and other indoor air pollutants, improving public health by reducing lung cancer and other health risks, and giving back to families of deployed military members and to foster/adoptive families through charitable radon measurement and mitigation services for deserving homeowners.

The founder, Steven Merritt is certified through the National Radon Proficiency Program for both residential radon testing and the installation of radon mitigation systems.  He is a proud member of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) and he strictly adheres to all radon industry standards and all of the the provisions within the AARST Code of Ethics. He is hands-on during every radon installation, ensuring the highest quality and optimal performance of every mitigation system.

Steven is also a Certified Industrial Hygienist, capable of assessing and providing advice to homeowners on other indoor air quality issues, such as vapor intrusion, methamphetamine, mold spores, and allergens. He is a member of the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH).  He has been an environmental health professional for the past 12 years and prior to that he served as a both Chemical Staff Officer and Company Commander in the U.S. Army.


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We reveal indoor environmental health issues, reduce harmful exposures to individuals and families, and provide peace of mind to our customers through the application of our unrivaled technical expertise, proven technology and methods, quality materials and craftsmanship, straightforward pricing, and our capable hands.