What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know about Radon

Testing and Mitigation During Real-Estate Transactions

Consumers are becoming more aware of the hazards of radon and considering the implications of elevated radon levels before they buy or sell a home. Radon does not need to delay or prohibit a real estate transaction, but a home’s radon level is information all parties should know, and radon problems can be easily fixed! Because real estate sales happen quickly, there is often little time to deal with radon and other issues. The best thing to do is to test for radon now and save the results. In most instances, radon testing and mitigation are not mandatory, however, radon test results are subject to real estate disclosure laws.

Sellers: Disclosures and Radon Mitigation

If you're the seller of a property with radon issues, here's what you need to know:

Section F of the Environmental Conditions portion of the Colorado Seller’s Property Disclosure Form specifically lists radon as a hazard that, if known by the seller to exist or ever have existed, must be disclosed. This would be true even if previous test results were less than 4.0 pCi/L, the EPA action level for radon mitigation. In all cases, sellers should provide copies of any test results. If a radon mitigation system exists, it also must be disclosed, as it is presumed that radon had existed previously, and that if the system were to fail, the radon level would return to its original level.
If radon concerns are discovered during the buyer's inspection process or your own testing, you should know that radon mitigation techniques have never failed to reduce radon concentrations below the EPA action level and that the installation of a mitigation system by a certified contractor, such as Manus Mitigation, Inc. PBC, can be done quickly and for a reasonable price.  Normal real estate negotiation techniques can be used to resolve the costs and timing associated with radon reduction. 

Buyers: Inspection, Testing, and Radon Mitigation

If you're the buyer of a property with potentially high radon levels, here's what you need to know:

First, you should know that almost half of the homes in Colorado have radon levels above the EPA action level of 4 pCi/L and that it is very common to discover this issue for the first time during a real estate transaction.  Second, know that all homes with elevated radon levels can be fixed quickly, permanently, and with relatively low cost through radon mitigation.  If you're worried about radon testing and mitigation derailing this deal or if you've discovered that your dream home has elevated indoor radon levels, know that radon is one of the easiest problems to identify and fix.  Radon shouldn't dissuade you from purchasing the home of your dreams, but you should certainly be prudent by confirming the levels and taking action to reduce the radon in the home as part of the deal or afterwards on your own.
Many home inspectors offer radon testing as part of their inspection process for an additional cost.  This is money well spent only if the inspector is certified by NRPP as a measurement provider, follows the EPA measurement protocols to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the test, and    If you're hiring an inspector, you should make sure

If you're already thinking ahead to the interior paint scheme and you didn't consider radon during your home inspection, know that Manus Mitigation, Inc. PBC can quickly and accurately determine the

If a properly performed test indicates an elevated level of radon in the home you wish to purchase, it is likely other homes in the same area will also have elevated radon. Perhaps the best news about radon is that it can be reduced by applying proven mitigation techniques, either before you close on the home, or shortly after you buy it and move in.  Normal real estate negotiation techniques can be used to resolve the costs and timing associated with radon reduction. The installation of a mitigation system by an NRPP certified mitigation provider, such as Manus Mitigation, Inc. PBC, can usually be completed within a day and atquickly and for a reasonable price either before the sale is completed.