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Are your employees complaining about odors, irritation, headaches, extreme temperature variations or other symptoms that might be related to your building environment? If so, contact Manus Mitigation today to speak to an indoor air quality consultant. We have the experience and knowledge to quickly and efficiently diagnose any indoor air quality issues you may be facing.

Many complex factors can compromise a building’s indoor air quality. Sources of problems can include:

  • Poorly designed or improperly balanced ventilation systems
  • Mold/moisture
  • Ultra fine particles from office equipment
  • Chemical emissions from furniture and/or building materials
  • Building pressurization
  • Construction/renovation in the building
  • Air intake positioning

Poor indoor air quality not only can create health concerns for your building occupants, but it also can reduce worker productivity and employee morale. Studies show that building environment issues can increase your rate of absenteeism – and cost your company money.

At Manus Mitigation, each of our indoor air quality consultants brings years of experience to the job. After 30+ years in business, we have earned a reputation of quality and professionalism. Don’t risk your employees’ health by having your business evaluated by unqualified, inexperienced people. Our core business is industrial hygiene and air monitoring, and it shows.

To maximize your facility’s indoor air quality and address any issues, Manus Mitigation:

  • Performs site assessments
  • Designs survey methods and sampling techniques
  • Inspects HVAC systems
  • Inspects building configuration
  • Discusses issues with occupants
  • Delivers timely, cost-effective and site-specific recommendations to solve air quality problems.